Sod Installation

Sod installation

Niagara’s first choice for full and partial installation of new lawns.

Sod is the fastest way to install a new lawn or replace an existing lawn. Our team has a wide range of experience, from installing a few rolls of sod to repair a dead patch of lawn, to tackling grading issues and soil deficiencies.

Revival Landscape can remove and re-sod entire lawns or affected areas for all yard sizes, no project is too big or too small. Unlike some service providers who may just cut out the existing damage and lay new sod in its place, Revival Landscape ensures the proper steps are followed to ensure a healthy lawn, long-term:

  1. Removal of affected areas to a sufficient depth
  2. Leveling/grading the ground for proper drainage, removing weeds and other debris such as roots
  3. Spreading topsoil to establish a solid, fertile base
  4. Installation of fresh, locally grown sod followed by a surface rolling
  5. Newly installed sod will then receive an adequate amount of water

What time of year is best to install sod?

When the ground isn’t frozen. One of the many advantages of sod installation or sod replacement is that you can successfully install it at any time of the year, as long as the ground is not thoroughly frozen, and you can water adequately.

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